Hello all you Mamaluke fans. We hope you’re enjoying the episodes and would love to hear from you. So stop by Mark’s Blog and leave a comment!! Look forward to hearing from you all!!

Okay you Mamaluke fans! We’re back!! In addition to the reissues of Episodes 1 and 2, Episode 3 is available! Please enjoy and share with your friends and family!

Episode 3: “You Dirty Rat”

Episode1: Sleeping with the Fishes”

Episode 2: A Bump in the Road”

Episode 2, “A Bump in the Road” Trailer

The trailer for Episode 2, “A Bump in the Road,” is up. The full episode premieres Friday May 24 on mamaluke-TV.com

The Mamaluke T-Shirts Are In Stock!

They’re here and they look great! The Mamaluke t-shirts just arrived and are only $14.99, with FREE shipping and handling. Just click on the shirt to order.

The Mamaluke

A sitcom pilot about a not-so-typical Italian-American family from Brooklyn. Lou, the father, lives his life purporting to be Mafioso, much to the chagrin of his wise-cracking wife, Marie. Toss in two grown, combative children, and a psychotic live-in mother in-law, and you have “agita” smothered in laughs and Parmesan cheese!

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