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Take Two Entertainment Inc. (TTE) – is a full service production company that specializes in producing projects at the highest level:

  • – For Less Money
  • – In A Shorter Time Frame
  • – In Locations Worldwide
  • – With The Highest Production Value

Take Two Entertainment Inc was formed by Mark A. Riccardi and incorporated in 1998.  Mark has built a solid reputation, which combines strong business ethics and the ability to obtain the highest production value thereby offering Investors better profit potential.  As Take Two Entertainment’s business continues to grow, we are branching out to supply post-production needs as well as providing full production services for many commercial and feature film clients. In a very competitive business TTE, rises above the competition.


Take Two Entertainment is presently involved in planning and developing a diversified project portfolio in varied genres including Drama, Action, Comedy, Reality Television and Situation Comedy.


Take Two Entertainment has also formed an alliance with Morning Star Movies and CEO Glenn Callahan, Glenn is currently heading up a feature film Sk8hard which he will Executive Producer along with Mark Riccardi. Morning Star has also made a commitment to the project The Mamaluke as well as feature projects Shabbos Night Fever and The Bouring Identity projects that are slated for 2013. Lastly, The Mamaluke Co-Creators Ben Fiore and Mark Riccardi have additional episodes planned for the near future!


Current Projects

Shabbos Night Fever  Comedy          (In Development)

It’s 1977 and Joseph Kerzner is just like any other Orthodox Jewish Teenager: he wants an Italian goddess to adore him; he wants to win the Saturday Night Disco Contest and with God’s blessing, he wants to get laid.                                                                            

Bouring Identity   Parody /Comedy     (Script optioned)

Jayson Bouring, an elite government assassin, suffering from amnesia and a humorous case of the flashbacks, must race to unlock the secrets to his identify and a boring personality, before he’s killed by an incompetent rogue government agency that no longer trusts him.



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