The cast and crew of The Mamaluke pilot, “Sleeping With The Fishes”.



Lou Mamaluke – Johnny “Roastbeef” Williams

Marie – Veronica Alicino

Vito – Ron Gilbert

Grandma – Lois Weiss

Paulie – Greg Guardino

Gina – Nikki Cinaglia

Vinnie – Rico Simonini

Joey Spuds – Richard Ravanello

Frankie Three Fingers – George Russo

Kyle – Paul Kim

Eddie -Guy Nardulli

Sal The Butcher – Robert Amico

Guy In Casket – John Krachey

Fainting Mourner – Mary Burkin

Pizza Boy – Tommy Ventimiglio



Director – Mark Riccardi     Executive Producers – Glenn Callahan, Ben Fiore

Producers – Mark Riccardi, Ben Fiore     Creator – Ben Fiore

Writers – Rick Bailey, Ben Fiore     Director Of Photography – Ryan Lopez

Editor – Ryan Lopez     Sound –     Script Supervisor – Mike Dennert

1st A.D. – Rick Murken     Makeup – Katy Lopez     Sound – Jerry Wolfe

Special Thanks – Robanos Restaurant, Bob’s Meat Market


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